Thursday, April 8, 2010

Yellow, Green and White

I mentioned earlier this week that I had unpacked pottery that I display in the spring and summer. I have finished the displays for this year.

Yellow and Green on the shelves in the living room.
White in the non-working fireplace. Over the summer I have additional items I will add to this tableau.
Last year, I blogged about displaying this pottery here and here.

It's funny, I put the pieces in the opposite locations this year without even thinking about it or viewing the old pictures first. I guess I just knew what to do.


  1. Beatiful stuff. What kind is that McCoy or something. I have one of the flowerpot ones that was my mother's. Love pottery. I have a bunch of Niloak stuff, again my Mother's and greatgrandmother's.

  2. It's a mixture of McCoy and Shawnee pottery. I've been collecting for a long time, especially the green and yellow. I have Shawnee corn dishes also. I post a photo of them someday soon.

  3. Those yellow and green pieces are beautiful. How fun that you change up the locations.

  4. Beautiful display! I meant to mention before it was nice to see you again & Thanks for visiting /commenting on my blog! - Always good to know another Lost fan :)