Sunday, November 24, 2013

Just In Time Turkeys

I wasn't planning to decorate for Thanksgiving.  

Why, you ask?
We are not hosting this year. 
I'm working again.
Taking care of my Mom consumes a lot of time.

However, the closer to Thanksgiving week it got, the more I started to twitch. 

The twitch went into high gear when The Husband said, 
"But, we've got some really nice Thanksgiving pieces."

I didn't pull out everything, but we do have a couple of turkeys to look at now.

Plus, a Pilgrim and an Indian!

How about you? 

Do you decorate for Thanksgiving? 

Or, are you one of "those people" who decorate for Christmas before Turkey day?

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Birthday Cards

The Husband's birthday was last week.  The Sister's 10 and 7 year old daughters made cards for him.

The 10 year old's card:

The 7 year old's 3 page card:

She even made a special art gift from a paper plate a pink yarn.

She made one for me also.  I think she is watching me.

Sweet girls.

The 7 year old stopped the "light the candle, sing the song" portion of the evening because there were no sprinkles on the cake.  

Uncle Steve must have sprinkles!

After she applied a sufficient number of sprinkles, 
we proceeded with the "light the cnadle, sing the song" portion of the evening.

A good time was had by all.

Happy birthday to The Husband!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

A Roast Story

We fed my Mom a roast dinner tonight. There's a long, involved story about the roast:

  • We started cooking it last Sunday.
  • There was a large piece of meat in an inappropriately sized cast iron skillet, with lid. (Heavy!)
  • As the roast cooked, juice was created.
  • As the juice expanded, it started dripping out of the pan.
  • As it dripped out of the pan in the hot oven, it began to smoke.
  • As it began to smoke, I began to panic.
  • As I began to panic, I tried to lift the pan out of the oven.
  • As my recently arthritc thumbs balked at the weight of the cast iron skillet and lid, I was alarmed.
  • As I was alarmed, I dailed The Husband's cell phone and said, "I need your help!"
  • The Husband quickly drove home and found me with all the kitchen windows open and the vent-a-hood on.
  • I had figured out that taking the cast iron lid off the cast iron skillet would allow me to lift the skillet out of the oven. 
  • I turned the oven off.
  • We allowed the roast and fixin's to cool, and then put them in the fridge.
  • The Husband cleaned the oven the next day. (Bonus for me!)
  • The following day, The Husband finished cooking the roast.
  • That evening, The Husband and I had the roast for dinner.  It was delicious.
  • The Husband took the "fixin's" to The Mother the next day.
  • I fixed the "fixin's" for her dinner tonight.
  • She loved it!

Hey...and guess what?  The smoke alarm never went off!