Monday, April 12, 2010

Batter Up!

I have eaten more than my fair share of hot dogs, peanuts, ice cream and drank a few beers over the last few days.

We were at Thursday's opening night of the new ONEOK Field. The Husband scored great seats for us on the 6th row behind home plate. We had a perfect view of all the opening ceremonies and of downtown.
The view at night was spectacular.
Saturday morning we drove to Kansas City for the Royals game that evening. Our nephew won a drawing for 4 tickets and a gold parking pass and invited us to the game.

Here is The Husband with his nephew and lovely wife. Notice the Royals shirts? Giveaways at the park that night. We all matched!
Here I am with our niece. It was her first MLB game. We had fun watching the game and watching the people. And let me just say, that gold parking pass was "the bomb." We have never parked that close to the front gate at any major league event!
We got up early Sunday and drove back to Tulsa because we had tickets to the Driller's at 2:05pm.

Our seats were in the sun. The breeze was great, and the temperature wasn't bad, but the sun was too much. Fortunately for us, there were empty seats in the shade that we could use.We only made it through 5 innings at the Sunday game. We were both in serious need of a Sunday afternoon nap after our fun weekend!

What did you do over the weekend?

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