Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Peacock Room

Have I mentioned our guest room? It has a peacock theme.

Here are a few of the linens in the room. I also have decorative pottery peacocks, wall pockets, pictures and ornaments.

I like to have a theme...

I purchased these pillow cases recently at an estate sale.
The embroidery is finished, but the edges of the cases are not. This is the type where you finish the edge by adding beautiful crochet. (see the pillowcases above as an example)

Since I don't crochet, I'll have to get out my sewing machine and hem them.

Because they weren't hemmed, the pattern number and company are visible. (#9197 Peacock - by the Frederick Herrschner Company in Chicago, IL)

The company still exists, but I couldn't find the pattern on their website.

Isn't this a pretty pattern?
I know guest rooms are a luxury. I really appreciate ours and love to decorate it.

Do you have a guest room in your home? If yes, does it have a theme?

Also, when can I come and visit?


  1. I think you're the one who needs to have a sign-up sheet! That's lovely! I'm assuming you did the embroidery? I love hand embroidered pillow cases.

  2. That is a pretty pattern! I don't know why but,it reminds me of Elvis-did he have a thing for decorating with Peacocks? Or just a peacock jumpsuit?
    Anyways- Sounds like a lovely room! When we 1st moved into our house we did have a guest room -Although it did make me a bit upset when the in-laws came to visit once and they declined to sleep in there and just slept in the living room -Yeah I don't get that either!?
    And then soon enough our family grew and now we don't have a guest room - now people pretty much have to sleep in the living room if they stay here.

  3. So pretty. No guest room here, but one day.