Tuesday, October 29, 2013


I could not help but laugh this morning when I overheard a conversation in the office next to me.

A guy was telling my office neighbor he had been voted the "Popcorn Colonel" of his kid's class.

In other words, he was in charge of popcorn kernel sales. 


Am I the only one amused by this? Because I laughed out loud!

Is this a common title in your local school systems?

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Plotted versus Plodded

I read this sentence today:

"I plotted out and ...."

What it should have read was:

"I plodded out and ...." 

Phase versus Faze

I read something a few days ago where the author said:

"XXX doesn't phase me anymore when it shows up in my workplace."

The correct word to use would be:

"XXX doesn't faze me anymore when it shows up in my workplace."

The offending word is spelled correctly, but was used incorrectly.

Do synonyms confuse spell check?

Does spell check consider context? (It needs to be perfected.)

Do you think people depend too much on spell check?

I may start posting every time I see incorrect word usage.
It happens more frequently than you may imagine.

It ticks me off every.single.time!

I try very, very, very hard to make sure I don't use words incorrectly on this blog.
If you catch me out, please call me on it.
I love to learn and there is nothing better to learn about than a word!