Saturday, April 11, 2015

Hashbrowns versus Home Fries

The Husband is firmly in the hashbrowns camp.

He does not care for home fries.

In fact, we don't eat breakfast at some places simply because
 they serve home fries and not hash browns.

In the past, he has attempted to make hashbrowns at home. 
Not good.

I found a nice potato ricer at an estate sale and brought it home. 
The Husband tried again to make hashbrowns.  
Not good.

Strolling through Sam's Club this week, we saw dehydrated hashbrowns.  

This morning we re-hydrated a few for breakfast.

We fried them in hot oil in a cast iron skillet, with just a bit of salt and pepper.
You could jazz them up by frying them with onions or adding a bit of cheese at the finish.

Aren't they pretty!

They were darn good.

We need to be better at looking for convenice foods.

We are so used to making things from scratch, that sometimes we lose sight of the fact
 it would be much easier and taste just as good if we had the right packaged item.

How about you?  

Are you a from scratch cooker?  Or, do you use packaged items to get started?

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Characters I Hang Out With at My Office

When I see these guys, they make me happy.

The Happy Clown and I have worked together since 1990.

How do I know, you ask?

Because he is dated "Hallmark, 1990, Happy Birthday."

 Two co-workers gifted him to me.

He stands on either foot, or even on his head!

Perhaps I'll post a pic of him doing a headstand.

The other characters are surprises from German Kinder Eggs.

I went to Berlin, Germany in 2001? 2002? for a business meeting.  

Our hosts gave us Kinder Eggs every day for our afternoon break.

Nothing inspires a conference room full of tired adults 
quite like a chocolate egg, with a surprise inside!

What types of mementos do you have in your office or work space?

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

"Stop to Smell the Roses"

This morning my version of "Stop to Smell the Roses" was 
"Stop to Photograph the Daffodils."

The Husband and I are fortunate to live close 
to a true Tulsa treasure, Woodward Park

Daffodils have been planted on the west side of the park, 
next to Peoria Avenue for years.

Every spring when they start to poke their stems out of the ground, I get excited.

Bright yellow daffodils are one of my most favorite flowers.

This morning, as I drove to Old School Bagel Cafe to get my morning indulgence, 
I passed the daffodils in the park and had a thought. 

What thought, you ask?

"I'm going to take a few minutes, pull into the park, get out of the car 
and take pictures of the beautiful flowers."

Which is just what I did.

Aren't they pretty?  They make me happy.

What flowers make you happy?

Saturday, March 14, 2015

"I pooped and peed and have on panties and I'm dry!"

Today has been an extra good day.

The Husband and I:

* Went out for breakfast.

* Went for manicures & pedicures at the mall.  I'll never understand why he didn't have his toenails & fingernails painted purple, with multi colored glitter on top, like I did. He just NEVER wants to match! What's up with that?  :-)

* Bought new bed pillows.

* Stopped in for a short visit with friends at their home. Their adorable granddaughter was there. She proudly proclaimed, "I pooped and peed and have on panties and I'm dry!" Our response? "Yippee! Such an accomplishment!" Of course, we all aspire to that when we are very young and when we are aging rapidly. :-)

* Stopped in at a favorite local restaurant for a late bite of lunch and had a lovely visit with friends who were there.

* Had a 2 hour nap.

* Went out to another favorite restaurant for a light dinner and laughs with the staff.

It's important to appreciate the good days.  I hope your day was also good!

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Generation Gap

I recently had a conversation with a very intelligient 28 year old woman.
I told her that I felt as if I had become "Ann Landers" 
for certain individuals we both know. 
She got a puzzled look on her face.
I said, "Dear Abby?"
She said, "I don't know who that is.
The name seems familiar, but I'm not sure."

I can't remember if it was before or after 
I explained to her who Ann and Abby were 
that I started banging my head against a hard surface,
weeping and wailing about how old I am.  

Or, maybe I was weeping and wailing about how young she is?!

Have enough years passed that young adults don't know 
two of America's most popular advice columnists?

Good grief!

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Sewing on a Snowy Saturday and Memories

My very petite mother recently purchased a new pair of pink, fuzzy pjs. I volunteered to alter the pants.  

As I cut and pinned the new hems on this snowy morning, I thought about how lucky I was to have learned the basics of sewing in junior high home economics classes. I believe the teacher's name was Mrs. Wireth at Gilcrease Jr High School in the early 1970's. 

The metal seam gauge pictured above came from my 7th grade sewing kit. The white measuring tape did not, but I do have the yellow tape from that kit as well. It's just not the first one I grabbed this morning. Speaking of my 7th grade sewing kit, I threw it away just a few years ago. The plastic lid was broken and I thought, "My goodness. Get rid of it!"

I thought about my Granny Jewel, who was a great seamstress. She gave me praise (which could be hard to come by from Granny) and feedback on my first sewing attempts. I'll also never forget my Great Aunt Clorine, another great seamstress, who gave me her old sewing machine as my first machine at home.

Thinking of Home Ec, I remember the cooking classes and eating what we cooked. Before we could eat, we had to set the table properly. I always thought the dishes at school were pretty. Fast forward several years and I discovered my soon to be husband's mother had the same dishes, Franciscan Desert Rose.  Her dishes now live with her youngest grand daughter.

Home Ec is where I learned to make Chocolate Oatmeal drop cookies. I've made many a batch of these since that time!

The simple act of doing something for my Mom brought back a lot of good memories this snowy morning.

As I prepare to sign off, I look at the back window and there sits a bright red Cardinal on the fence. Beautiful, with the snow falling around him.

Enjoy your Saturday!

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Vintage Tulsa Show

The Sister and I went to the Vintage Tulsa Show today. 
We had a great time and saw a lot of beautiful items.
Especially oak furniture.
Oh, the oak furniture.
Be still my heart!

I did not purchase this mega phone.  
I think I may regret it for the rest of my life.  
Especially since I went to school in NORTH Tulsa!

I sorted through a tangled pile of jewelry 
and found one of these fabulous King Tut earrings.

I continued to sort through the pile and found the mate.
I laid them together on the table, outside of the tangled pile.
I told The Sister if they were still there when we went through the show, 
I would take them home with me.

They are FABULOUS, yes?

I would have loved to have brought this beauty home 
to live in the Peacock Room.
Alas, he was much too expensive.
He would have felt totally out of place with his cheaper cousins. 

It was a good show and better than that, is the fact I had a fun time with The Sister!