Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Word Verification Is On Because of Spammers

I turned word verification on today due to the high volume of anonymous spam comments I've been receiving.  Most are recognized as spam and don't get posted, but a few slip through and I have to manually delete them.

Apologies in advance to the few folks who comment on my blog. I know word verification is a pain in the patootie!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

2013 Spring Break - Destin, FL

We took a family vacation during the nieces' spring break.

We loaded Mom into the car and took off.

Friday, March 15th
Beginning mileage: 51,538
Departure time: 8:25am
Arrival time in Jackson, MS: 7:15pm 
Ending mileage: 52,142
Total Miles: 604

Saturday, March 16th
Beginning mileage: 52,142
Departure time: 8:58am
Arrival time in Destin, FL: 4:15pm
Ending mileage: 52,471
Total Miles: 329

This was our view from our place at the Sea Oats Motel.
Not shabby.
The Sister and I found the Sea Oats years ago.
Years and years. Probably 25.
Wow, how time flies.

This was the first trip ever for Mom to a beach
and to get her feet wet with "big water."

Mom with The Sister and family.

Three generations of women.

Mom, The Husband and me.

On this trip, the nieces discovered they loved crab legs!
The 7 year old does an excellent job of picking crab meat out of the legs.
She never gives up and gets every last morsel.
Good girl!

We took Mom to Osaka Steak House
First time she had ever been to a Japanese steak house.
First time I had ever been to a Japanese steak house!

Mom holding a gator.
The 10 year old niece told me she let Grandma
hold the gator's head "just in case" the duct tape on it's mouth ripped!

We have lots of pictures of this wonderful vacation,
maybe I'll share more here one day!

Saturday, March 23rd
Beginning mileage: 52,566
Departure time: 8:20am
Arrival time in Shreveport, LA: 7:00pm
Ending mileage: 53,143
Total Miles: 577

Sunday, March 24th
Beginning mileage: 53,143
Departure time: 7:30am
Arrival time in Tulsa, OK: 2:30pm
Ending mileage: 53,498
Total Miles: 355

What did you do on spring break?