Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Roadtrip - July 23, 2013

A year ago I purchased an advance ticket to BlogHer13 in Chicago.

Because The Mother is on the mend from her knee replacement surgery and because The Sister told me to "Go...just go!", I'm on my way to Chicago with The Husband. I'll attend BlogHer and he'll play in Chicago.

Highlights from our drive today:

Years ago, this steer was located at 15th & Utica, Tulsa, OK
in the H. L. Moss parking lot.
Who remembers that?

We revisited Chris Barbee's place today.
This post I wrote in 2010 about this bowling ball yard art
is the most popular post on Cindy's Clipboard, with 4715 page views. 

We looked for Toto. Couldn't find him.

Lunch at a park in Gas, Kansas.
Cold, home fried chicken, fritos and Diet Coke. 

A very sweet man saw Steve taking a picture of me and the Missouri welcome sign.
He turned around on the highway and came back to take a picture of us together.
He says he has done this before. How sweet!
We plan to "pay it forward" someday for people taking photos at a welcome sign!

We drove through the Lake of the Ozarks area.
Look at all the water displayed on the GPS display.

Spending the night in the capital of Missouri - Jefferson City

We had a very nice dinner at Madison's Cafe.
Our waitress, Amanda, was full of personality and very efficient.
The owner, Rob, was very chatty and nice.
We would recommend this place to weary travelers.

Night folks!

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Mom Update & Comfort Food

Today, 12 days after surgery, the staples in Mom's knee were removed. Her incision is healing nicely. She continues to work hard at rehab, meeting and/or exceeding all the goals set by the doctor and enforced by the physical therapist. Good job, Mom!

The Sister and I are no longer staying at night with her. We are, however, in and out at her house multiple times a day. She still can't cook for herself, so we are either cooking at her house or taking food to her.

This evening I made an old family favorite for her dinner, Ground Beef & Spinach. I served it with tomatoes and cucumbers fresh from the Cherry Street Farmer's Market. She loved it!

Friday, July 19, 2013

Rosacea Update

I'm loving the results of the laser treatment
for my recently diagnosed skin condition, Rosacea.

My spider veins are 90% gone!

The bad news?
The prescription the doctor gave me yesterday
for the topical cream for rosacea is $267 for a small tube.


We have insurance that will pay a good portion of this cost.
But think about people who do not have that option.
Think carefully.
Very disturbing.

The redness on my chin and cheeks has diminished significantly.

I must confess to being vain.

My excuse? I hate showing my veins.

How about you?

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Rosacea Diagnosis

Over the past couple of years, my facial skin has been doing strange things.

Acne reappeared, red spider veins became visible and bright red flushing would occasionally appear on my chin and cheeks.

All of these issues have worsened in the last 6 months and I was frustrated since make-up was not covering the problems very well.

This issue was beginning to transport me back to the my teen years, when acne was the bane of my existence. I was one of those poor unfortunate teens who had horrible (and I mean horrible) acne on their face, their back and their arms. Yes...even the arms. 

I finally scheduled a dermatologist appointment to address this situation because it was stressing me out. Yesterday, I was diagnosed with Rosacea, which is a common (poorly understood) disorder of the facial skin.

Read all about Rosacea here. 

There are a number of things that can trigger a flare up and after reviewing the trigger list, I believe my triggers to be:
  • Menopause
  • Stress/anxiety
  • Sun
  • Overheating (And what is menopause, if not overheating?)
  • Red Wine (Not all the time.)
The doctor treated me yesterday by using a laser to zap the visible veins and then to broadly treat the red areas on my chin and cheeks. He also gave me a prescription cream to use daily beginning next week.

My face was very red immediately after the treatment, but the red had calmed down significantly by morning. And, best of all, most of the veins are not visible. Oh, happy day!

For those of you out there who enjoy beautiful, flawless skin that doesn't require you to wear make-up, please enjoy and appreciate that gift. I've never had that luxury and I'm a bit jealous of you, I must say!

How's your skin? Flawless? Not so flawless? Do you wear make-up? Or, do you not care?

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Mom's Knee Update

The Mother had knee replacement surgery 5 days ago. She is doing GREAT! Yes, she is in pain, but she has medication to manage it.

Her home health care physical therapist visited yesterday. She gave Mom a great report. Mom's mobility is very good and the extension on her new knee is great. The original goal was 110° and today she measured at 108°. Her new goal is now 120°!

Mom spends 6 hours a day on a CPM machine

Mom wants to get the right knee rehabbed and healed ASAP, because that pesky left knee is the next on the "chopping block!"

The Sister and I are so proud of how hard she is working her rehab.

Mom is rehabbing at her home. It's one level and easy for her to navigate, even with a walker. The challenge for The Sister and I is being away from our families, homes and schedules. We are working through the challenges. This is made easier because of how well Mom is doing. We are both thankful for that!

We will stay with Mom as long as necessary, but jeeeeeeezzzzz...it's hard to move back into your Mom's house! Especially when you are in your late 40's and early 50's and she's in her early 80's and REALLY, REALLY STUBBORN!

At what point do we get to tell our parent what to do? 

Thursday, July 11, 2013

People & Hospitals

The Mother had one of her knees replaced this week.
As a result, The Family and I have spent a lot of time at the hospital. 
A. Lot. Of. Time.

When is the last time you have spent
A. Lot. Of. Time.
at a hospital?

You see
All. Kinds. Of. People.

All. Kinds.

My. Goodness!

We felt out of place.


We shower every day.
We try to wear more, instead of less, clothing.
We don't have visible tattoos.
We don't curse publicly and loudly.
We don't tailgate in the parking lot with family & friends.

My goodness.
We'll be glad to get The Mother home!

Lest you think we are stiff, judgemental people,
please rest assured we are not.
We are some of the most liberal people you could ever meet!

This recent hospital experience has caused us to reminisce
about a time when people dressed up to:

go on a car/train/airplane trips
visit people in the hospital
 keep an appointment
go out to shop
go out to dine

Every person who walks into a hospital has issues, concerns
and decisions to make that are invisible to the people they encounter.

Please know that I am not judging those people on those issues.
I'm not even judging them on their appearance,
contrary to what the above post may say.

I'm simply thinking about a time in the past
(which was my childhood)
where people dressed up in public.

What are your thoughts on this issue?

Do you dress up for the public?

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Cindy's Cupboard

I recently "retired" again from the corporate world. As a result, I am spending more time on my little business, Cindy's Cupboard.

You can read about the merchandise here, if you are interested.

You can also follow the business on Facebook, if you wish.

Do you shop at antique malls?

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Snickers® PB Squared 4 to Go

When I took The Mother grocery shopping last Sunday, she bought me a candy bar at the check out stand.

I like Snickers® and I also like peanut butter, so when I saw they had a new candy bar that combined the two, I jumped up and down and begged my mom to buy me one and she did! (She's always going to be my mom and I'm always going to her kid.)

I enjoyed the Snickers® PB Squared 4 to Go. The peanut butter doesn't overwhelm the Snickers® or vice versa.

I also like that there are 4 squares in the package, so I had candy for 4 days.

Do you occasionally give into the urge to buy a candy bar at the grocery store check out? I resist 98% of the time!

Mars does not know who I am and did not ask me to review this candy bar. I just wanted to share my opinion. 

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy 4th of July!

I hope everyone has a great day today, whatever your plans may be.

I whipped up this appetizer to share with friends poolside this afternoon. It's not red, white and blue, but it sure is pretty!

Crescent rolls, cooked flat
Covered in cream cheese
Finely diced peppers (red, yellow, orange) sprinkled on cream cheese
Finely diced cucumber sprinkled on cream cheese
Finely shredded colby/jack cheese sprinkled on top
Cut in bite size pieces

Yum yum!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Is Orange the New Green?

Remember how a few years ago the popular color for purses was green? Every designer had a variety of green purses from which to select. From the most expensive purses to the cheapest purses, green was the "it" color.

I walked through the purse department at Dillard's on Monday. Check out the new arrivals here. Afterwards, I was out and about to a few other places and I started noticing all the orange purses women were carrying. I'll admit, I was even carrying an orange purse!

Purchased in September, 2012 in Sausalito, CA

I think orange is the new green.

Look around when you are out in public and see if you agree with me!