Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Today was busy, busy, busy.

I cancelled a dentist appointment a couple of weeks ago when I was so sick. They put me on a "call list" in case they had an appointment I could take. They had a cancellation first thing this morning and phoned me. So, I unexpectedly had my teeth cleaned!

At lunch time, The Husband and I purchased a new refrigerator. It will be delivered tomorrow. Whoo hoo.

I unpacked collections of white, green and yellow pottery. I show these pieces during the spring/summer. Once I get them displayed to my satisfaction, I will post some photos.

The Husband and I watched the NCAA final game tonight. We were so proud of Butler's game against Duke. Congrats to Duke for winning, but also congrats to Butler for making it to the Championship game and playing such a FANTASTIC game!


  1. Cowering thinking about a surprise dental appointment. I like time to work up to them.

  2. I was proud of Butler too, but oh what a heartbreaker. So close. Looking forward to pictures of the pottery. I've never had seasonal dishes.