Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A Kansas Turkey

I promised you a Kansas turkey story and here it is.

On the way to Kansas City last weekend, we drove along a slight curve on a narrow stretch of highway and suddenly saw a larger than life turkey!

We passed it, but I made The Husband turn around and go back to take pictures. This part of the highway does not have shoulders and there was a lot of traffic, so the pictures were HOR-RI-BLE.

We agreed on our return trip home Sunday, we would stop and get better pictures. These are our best attempt from the highway with our point & shoot digital camera.

It's a turkey made of barbed wire and metal. I'm assuming he has feet made of rebar, or some such material. He stands 3-4 feet tall.
Another view. Look at the majestic tail. Our niece-in-law said his tail used to be bigger, but she thinks the wind has played havoc with his "feathers."
I can just imagine the creator of this turkey gathering the components for this sculpture:
  • rusted barbed wire (from old fences)
  • metal (torn off of barn roofs during high winds/tornadoes)
  • rebar
Funny side notes to this turkey discovery:
  • When we arrived in KC, I told our nephew and niece-in-law about seeing this sculpture. They both laughed and told me they had already discussed that I would probably stop and photograph it on this trip, since I have started playing the "yard art game." How right they were and how predictable I am!
  • About 2 miles from arriving at the turkey location on the Sunday drive home, we saw 3 live turkeys foraging along the side of the highway. We were so focused on discussing where we thought the barbed wire turkey was located and strategizing about how to safely photograph it (since there are no shoulders on that stretch of highway), we were totally bum-fuzzeled when we saw the live turkeys. We did not get one photo of them. They were so close to where the fake turkey was located, we didn't have time to turn around to photograph them. Not that they would have been there, because pretty much as soon as our car passed them, they started running for the woods.
  • About 10 miles past the turkey sculpture, we entered a zone along the highway where it appears it is being prepped for widening. Fences have been taken down and rusted barbed wire has been rolled into small(ish) balls. I told The Husband all I could see, while looking at the balls of barbed wire, was a flock of turkeys! I must have one...
I L.O.V.E. yard art!

What have you seen on your recent road trips? Anything interesting?


  1. Cindy, are you kidding? I love love love the turkey!

  2. Oh wow-Interesting! A yard art game?! Hmmm-Sounds pretty cool -I already drive my family crazy with taking pics. Not sure I want to drive them more crazy or not ;) I know I have seen some cool things -there's a serpant/dragon looking thing I've seen a few times here in T-town and other things. But,don't really have a lot of pics of that stuff.