Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Again With The Joys Of An Old House

I mentioned in the last post that we purchased a new refrigerator.

Since the dimensions of the new frig are larger than the old frig, before signing on the dotted line we carefully measured the space. And then, we carefully measured it two more times. We knew it would be an extremely tight fit, but it was going to work.

The new frig was delivered yesterday. The delivery guys measured the space and said "No problem. It will fit."

They disconnected the old frig and brought the new one into the kitchen, where they hooked up the water line for the ice maker and started removing all the tape and packing materials. Then, they started pushing it into place.

Into the tight place. Push. Push. Push. Uh?

Push harder.


When we had a new kitchen floor laid a few years ago, one of the cabinet baseboards was mortared in slightly off kilter. That piece of wood, combined with the natural non-square nature of our old house, means the new frig sticks out 2-3 inches farther than it should.

We had planned to have some kitchen work done in the future that will impact the cabinets.

I guess we are now going to have that work done sooner rather than later!

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