Saturday, April 10, 2010

Our Front Porch

This is our front porch.
A former co-worker, who was in town for a conference Friday, stopped by to see me in the afternoon. We sat on the porch and visited over iced tea.

Our neighbors know if we are on the porch in the evenings, it is an open invitation for them to stop by.

Friday night we had a few visitors and lively conversations on books, politics, the city trash program and our immediate block.

We have diverse neighbors, which makes for fun times.

We are thankful we live in this classic neighborhood with large front porches and sidewalks!


  1. How pretty Cindy!!!! U do live in a very classic side of town - old time charmers and stunners. Very nice.

    Perhaps it is our southern charm but our neighborhood was out in full force also - we were all hanging out in our front yards (Except my husband who was diligently working on a deck rehab!). Poor guy! Have a great weekend - the weather is supposed to be gorgeous!

  2. I love front porch conversations. My sister always called it front porch therapy because it seemed neighbors stopped by and just opened up. A deck out back is nice, but just can't compare to a big front porch. Lovely one you have there.

  3. What a great porch! I love hanging on the front porch in summer.

  4. How wonderful. I love front porch talks and yours is just beautiful.