Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Things You Don't Expect to See in Kansas

As The Husband and I were driving to Kansas this past weekend to see the nephew, the niece-in-law and to attend the KC Royals baseball game, we saw the following:
  • The Prairie Spirit Trail which is 51 miles of hiking or biking fun. Really? In the middle of Kansas, along the side of the highway? This may be my kind of bike/hike trail. Totally flat...no hills to strain my calves
  • The Safari Museum in Chanute. Again, really? In the middle of Kansas? A facility that celebrates and preserves the story of Martin and Osa Johnson, native Kansans. The town has a Safari Motel, as well as statues of lions, giraffes and huge planters painted in giraffe, tiger and zebra motifs. I'm sure there are other safari themed items/places in town, we just didn't have time to explore this weekend. We will definitely do so in the future!
Kansas is so very, very interesting and we didn't even run into Dorothy or Toto!

We did, however, run into some turkeys.

The turkey story is coming soon...


  1. How very interesting. They should make a movie about the Johnsons.

  2. Oh my -yes the Safari Museum does sound interesting!