Sunday, April 18, 2010

"No Taboli For Me, Please"

I am so proud of how well my first batch of taboli turned out.

Saturday night, The Sister and her family came over for dinner. I had seen the brother-in-law and nieces earlier in the day at the movies. I asked the 7 year old if she would taste my taboli when she came to the house later. Her response, "Yes, Aunt Cindy, I will taste the taboli."

She ate the dinner I had prepared for her and her sister and then I remembered the taboli.

"Big Sister A, do you want to taste the taboli I made yesterday?"

"Yes, Aunt Cindy. I want to taste it."

I took her dinner plate into the kitchen and spooned some on to it. I was putting away the container in the frig as she walked into the dining room. As I arrived in the dining room, my sister and brother-in-law were laughing hysterically, saying "Where is the camera? Where is the camera?"

My sweet, 7 year old niece was standing in the dining room, with the funniest expression on her face and her mouth open.

She turned to me and said (with an open mouth) "Aunt Cindy, where can I spit this out?"

I sent her to the kitchen trash can.

Needless to say, she did not like my taboli.

A couple of hours later, as The Sister's family was leaving our house, we were at the front door hugging and saying good-bye.

The 7 year old niece came over and hugged me, thanked me for dinner, and said:

"No taboli for me, please!"

What a little squirt she is!


  1. very taboli for me either, please.

  2. As my Dad would say, that was good but don't make it again.

  3. I for one would LOVE to have tried it! I don't make it as often as I like because it just makes so darn much. I have been successful at cutting the recipe in half, but it's still a pretty good quantity for two people. It's great for those neighborhood get-togethers.

  4. Lifeshighway: Oh, come on. Just a little bit?

    Nancy: I laughed and laughed and laughed when I read your comment.

    Connie: I had a huge container of taboli! I was able to share it with a number of people, which was good and they thought it was great. I agree this is a dish that is great for a neighborhood or family gathering.