Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Small Accomplishments

I have a list of small accomplishments from the last couple of days:
  • reorganized the "stuff" under the kitchen sink and in the cabinet above the microwave
  • moved a few of my houseplants to their summer home on the front porch
  • read a lot of recipes in the vintage appliance booklets my Mom gave me
  • learned about potato nails
  • laundry
  • lunch on the porch
I'm sure there are other things I did, but I just can't recollect them at the moment!

What have you been up to the last couple of days?


  1. I've been looking at my lists and wishing I could accomplish some.

  2. I ate lunch on my back deck today. I try to go home for lunch a few days a week and enjoy my garden.

    As far as potato nails go... I had to look up the link. And as one who has had potatos explode in the oven due to lack of hearty poking, those things would be the way to go.