Saturday, April 24, 2010

Channeling Our Fathers

The Husband and I have had conversations this week about canned meat. Spam, sardines, oysters, vienna sausage, etc.

We both remember our fathers eating sardines and crackers when we were kids.

Everyone knows this type of canned food is suitable for stockpiling in preparation for a nuclear war! It never goes bad and we proved that on Friday night.

This can of sardines had been in our pantry for who knows how long.
I unwrapped the cover and opened the can. The contents had a lovely appearance and a fishy smell, as expected.
I organized the appetizer tray for the porch. Perfect presentation, don't you think?
The sardines and crackers were great, but we couldn't get any of the neighbors to share them with us!

I am not going to stock up on canned meats in preparation for a crisis, but I'll probably buy another can or two of sardines next time I pick up groceries. Just in case we get a hankering for them again.

How about you? What canned meats do you have in your cupboard? Come can tell us. We won't judge you!


  1. I love sardines and saltine crackers. Maybe a little cheese. I'd be a good neighbor for you:) But you're right, they are so "aromius" most people are turned off by them. Still, they are a great light supper and worth having around.

  2. That's funny -My dad is the one who likes things like Spam,Sardines,Vienna Sausages-etc. I remember having Spam and Vienna Sausages growing up. I never really liked sardines though. Don't know if I have anything like that in my pantry now -If I do it was probably something my dad gave me ;)

  3. I grew up with my Dad eating sardines and crackers. It was a staple for fishing trips. Also kipper snacks were a great favorite. Actually, I prefer kipper snacks to sardines.

  4. I can honestly say that I have never eaten sardines but I'm game.