Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Marlboro Man is a Zombie

I've posted here a few times about my vivid dreams. Go to the right side bar and type "dreams" in the search box to read a few stories.

It is my custom to read blogs every night before I go to bed. The other night I read Pioneer Woman's "Chasing Sunsets" post and all I could think of while looking at the photos is the sunset looked like fire.

My dream started with me and a group of people at a function at Pioneer Woman's Lodge. As we looked over Oklahoma's Osage County from the Lodge deck, we saw fire in the distance. Marlboro Man and others left hurriedly to fight the fire.

In the blink of an eye, they were running up the slope towards the Lodge screaming, "Run, run! Zombies!" As we looked again over Osage County, we saw an army of zombies approaching rapidly.

People scrambled off the deck and started running away from the zombies. There was a barn in the distance and women were hearding the children toward the barn, with the men bringing up the rear of the crowd. Unfortunately, the zombies caught some of the men, Marlboro Man included. Once those men converted to zombies, they began chasing their human friends and families.

The humans were close to the barn and beginning to go inside, when the zombies caught up with the stragglers. Marlboro Man caught up with their sons (which, in my dream were older than their daughters) and converted them to zombies.

As the humans entered the barn, we saw it was set up for a party. There were round tables for 8 with tablecloths and place settings and a buffet table for food. The humans were herded through the party area and up a staircase to a loft. Everyone stood in the loft and watched as the zombies entered the barn. We thought for sure we were at the end, but a funny thing happened. The zombies sat down at the tables, as if they were the original party guests!

One of the humans yelled, "There's a back staircase. Let's leave while they are busy!" The humans raced down the stairs and across the pasture to the nearest small town. The last time I saw Pioneer Woman she was sheparding her two girls toward town. The End.

I've never met Pioneer Woman, hence I have never been to her Lodge.

I understand that reading her sunset post and viewing the photos could have made me think of prairie fires, because we had a lot of fires in 2011 in Oklahoma.

I understand that I could dream of zombies and barns, because I'm a big fan of The Walking Dead and their mid-season finale featured a barn full of zombies.

What I don't understand is how I could (or would) put Pioneer Woman and The Walking Dead in the same dream. Was the common link barns? Barns owned by the Drummonds and the barn on The Walking Dead? Why? I had not read anything about The Walking Dead or seen anything on TV about the show prior to retiring for the night.

I can only hope two things:
  1. I don't have this dream again.
  2. Pioneer Woman will forgive me. Or better yet, Marlboro Man will forgive me!
This is similiar to when I dreamed that Bradley Whitford lived under my bed.

Have you had any crazy dreams recently?


  1. Oh my, what do you eat before bed. I don't remember my dreams very well but occasionally they can be this vivid. I would be wore out by the time I woke up.

  2. I didn't eat anything before bed that night and I had not had a cocktail or a glass of wine. Go figure. I dream crazy stuff all the time. I plan to share more of it here in 2012!