Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Piranha & Snakes In Your Bathroom Sink

Do you keep piranha or snakes in your bathroom sinks? In my dream last night, an old co-worker does.

She loaned me her condo in a big city (it felt like Chicago?) and in one of the two bathrooms, she had tropical fish in the bathtub, two piranha in one sink and one snake in the second sink. There was also a baby alligator in the cabinet underneath the sinks. She told me I had to use the bathroom with all the critters. I was, under no circumstances, to use the bathroom without critters.

She became very upset with me during a phone call while I was there, because she knew something was wrong with them. She could just "feel" it.

She could "feel" it because they were dead! Not the tropical fish, just the others.

I accidently killed the piranha by spilling shampoo in their water.

I not so accidently killed the snake by bopping it on the head when it lunged at me.

I don't know how I killed the baby alligator, I just know I put it in a shoe box in her closet. (Alligator shoes?!)

I drank ice tea last night. I went to bed early. The book I was reading did not contain any of the dream critters. It did, however, contain scorpions and was set in a darkly alternative Chicago. Did I convert the scorpions to the dream critters?

It's an adventure every night when I lay my head down to sleep!

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