Saturday, January 14, 2012

If You Don't Absolutely Love Something, Set it Free

This is my paternal Granny. Her name was Jewel. 
She passed away in mid 1970's.
She was a collector of cups and saucers.
I unpacked one box of the collection this week.
It has been packed away for years.
34 years to be exact.
Here's the proof.
None of us has room to display the entire collection.
My mom does have some sets displayed at her house.
My sister has a couple of sets at her house.
I'm going to pick out one or two sets.

The remainder of the cups and saucers will be offered for sale in my booth
It's a shame to have them packed away, with no one enjoying their beauty.
So, we are going to set them free.

Have you ever set something free that you inherited?


  1. So smart to realize that if you love something but have it stored away, set it free so it can be enjoyed for it's beauty that it was created for.
    Your braver than me though!

  2. I think that was a popular collectible as I have a bunch from my grandmother's and a great grandmother. I have a LOT of cups and saucers.