Monday, January 30, 2012

6 Pack For The Kitchen $10

The Husband and I had lunch last week at The Brady Tavern in Tulsa, OK.

The French Dip sandwich was hearty enough that we shared it and were perfectly satisfied. I'm always on the look out for a good French Dip and I will most certainly have this one again.

I loved the option on the dinner menu to send a 6 pack to the kitchen. What a great idea!

Have you been to The Brady Tavern? Did you send a 6 pack to the kitchen?


  1. No, but always want to try new places. I can't wait for Chuy's and La Madelines.

  2. Thanks for the name of a good place to eat. I like finding non chain places, but don't go out often enough to chance a bad one.

    1. We pretty much exclusively support non-chain restaurants. It's our mission!

  3. Well that's just the cutest thing! I have never heard of doing that before. It is always nice to find a great place to eat. Thanks so much for stopping by!