Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Last of Christmas

What did you do this weekend? We celebrated Christmas again!

You know how it is when little nieces and nephews grow up, get married and have kids of their own? There just isn't enough time between Thanksgiving and Christmas for everyone to get together. For the last few years, The Husband's family has gathered in early January to celebrate Christmas for the kids. This approach has worked out very well and no one is stressed about missing other family events. We also rotate the festivities between Tulsa and Oklahoma City, which further helps lessen the stress because we take turns hosting and folks don't have to travel every year.

Cousin Char came from Denver to join in the festivites. This year will always been known as the year she took a mis-step in the attic! Don' worry, only her pride and her bottom were bruised.
First, we had a little birthday magic for Kevin, who was a New Year's Eve baby. The Husband and I can never seem to get his card to him before or on his birthday!
We had a lovely dinner together and then got down to the business of Christmas. Baby Ella and Baby Lucye opened their presents separately from the other kids, who were outside playing in the gorgeous weather.
Once the other kids decided to come into the house, the next 30 minutes were full of fun and chaos.

We stayed with niece Tracy and nephew-in-law Tim one night and the second night we stayed with niece Mary and nephew-in-law Joel. They both have most excellent guest rooms and always have an open door for us. (Thank you!)

Sunday morning, Cousin Char fixed Blue & Gold sausage and gravy, over biscuits. Yum! 

The Husband confirmed for the twins that, so far in 2012, they are on Santa's nice list. 
And Cousin Char and The Husband helped the boys find hidden pictures in their new activities books.
While little LJ just sat around being cute with her daddy!
Our niece Tracy and nephew-in-law Tim were great hosts for this family gathering. Thanks guys! 

Who is going to host the next gathering in Tulsa? Bueller? Bueller?


  1. There is nothing better than watching the wee ones opening their Christmas presents. Takes me back to being a child.

  2. We will volunteer for next year!


  3. Sounds like fun. I love extending Christmas. What is Blue and Gold Sausage?

    1. Beryl, Blue & Gold sausage is a product that Oklahoma schools and clubs sell as a fundraiser. It is the best sausage! If you ever get a chance to buy some (and you like sausage), you won't be disappointed.

      You can read about it here: