Sunday, January 15, 2012

Hard Work

Wow, I've worked all day long. Well, except for nap time!

What you ask, have I worked on so diligently? I attended several estate sales last week and purchased quite a bit of inventory for my booth. Those items, coupled with the cup & saucer collection I unpacked this week have kept me busy.

It is amazing the time it takes to "work" new merchandise. The process looks like this:

  1. search out inventory
  2. research values
  3. research current pricing
  4. clean and/or repair the item
  5. add item information to booth inventory spreadsheet
  6. create price tag
  7. photograph item for inventory & for blog and/or facebook
  8. attach price tags and pack for transport
  9. write blog post with photos
  10. transport items to booth and incorporate into existing stock, which typically means creating new displays
  11. photograph booth
  12. publish blog post
  13. upload photos to facebook 
  14. tweet about new blog and facebook posts
  15. plan next inventory shopping trip
  16. start at #1 above
No wonder I needed a nap today.

Tomorrow morning I will iron, photograph and price the linens I'm taking to the booth. I'll add the new stock and publish a new post on Cindy's Cupboard in the afternoon. 

Then, I'll probably take another nap!
What are you planning to do tomorrow?

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