Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Elementary School Pick Up

I picked up my nieces today from school. I've done it before, but the process never ceases to amaze me. You have to get there 30 minutes early to have a hope of snagging a parking place or a good spot in the pickup line.

Huh? A minimum of 30 minutes every day sitting in your car waiting for your kids? Seems frustrating to me, but my sister tells me that's when she has a few minutes for herself to check Facebook, read e-mails or surf the internet on her phone. Okay, that makes sense. Thirty quiet minutes for mommy or daddy (I saw several daddies) is a good thing.

Once the kiddies are in the car, then you have the long, long line of cars to join to exit the parking lot. Did I mention it was long?

The whole after school process is not like when I was young. Of course, we lived much closer to our elementary school and could walk back and forth between school and home.

When I'm in charge of picking up the girls, I enjoy our conversations on the way home. They can be either serious or silly, but they always give me a good peek into the workings of their little minds. I know this is time my sister values with her girls. I value it also.

I guess Aunt Cindy needs to do the after school pick up task more often!


  1. We skip this and do the walk up option. Do they have a walk up option?

  2. Boy I remember those days. Didn't have too many as the bus was our girls mode of transport, most of the time and we lived close to the school or the bus stop but I did my fair share of waiting in those lines. Read a lot. Actually, I like the drive to school better watching my youngest primp her makeup and hair in the car. Amazed me because I just was not that great at it when I was her age. Frustrated me and I just gave up and joined the revolution of no make, straight hair, parted down the middle most of my young life. Oooo, I'm a ramblin'...