Thursday, September 1, 2011

Bradley Whitford Lives Under My Bed

Last weekend, I read a blurb in David Inman's column in the weekly Tulsa World TV Guide about Bradley Whitford playing the character of serial killer Red John on "The Mentalist." (Here's a link to another story.)

I've watched 3 or 4 episodes of "The Mentalist" and think it's a decent show, but I've never been a regular viewer. I did, however, know that a serial killer named Red John had killed Patrick's wife. 

When I read that Bradley Whitford had played the killer, I was surprised. I love his acting and watched all the episodes of "West Wing" (who didn't?) and "Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip," among other things. I thought "Wow, that's against type for him."

I didn't think anything else about this nugget of knowledge and happily went to bed and to sleep that night.

And that's when the dream started. 

Yes, the dream that Red John (Bradley Whitford) was stalking me and getting in my house whenever he wanted. The police and I couldn't figure out how he was getting in. We set up all kinds of perimeter security and had cameras everywhere outside, but could never catch him.

We couldn't catch him because he was already in the house. Living under my bed. In a room. UNDER MY BED!

The next morning, The Husband says to me, "Did you have a bad dream last night?" 

I reply, "Why, yes I did. Why do you ask?"

The Husband shakes his head and says, "You kept thrashing around and yelling 'What do you want? What do you want?', so I just turned my back to you and hoped you wouldn't knock me out of the bed with all your thrashing."

Um, gee thanks honey!

So, who (or what) lives under your bed?

{I've told you about my weird dreams before. You can read them again by clicking on the label "dreams" on the right side of the page.}


  1. No one is under Bradley Whitford from West Wing can..not from the Mentalist! LOL

  2. That is RANDOM....but clearly you are creative! :)

  3. Do u follow him on Twitter? Bradley, Josh Malina and Dule Hill crack me up when they start bickering or making fun of each other.