Tuesday, August 30, 2011

How We Spent Our Anniversary, Part 2

Last Saturday afternoon, after attending our twin grand-nephews 5th birthday party and visiting with family and friends, we left to find the Red Stone Inn Bed & Breakfast.
We reserved the lovely Cimarron Suite. Photos cannot do it justice. I tried, however, by taking a few. This the view as you walk in the door.
As your eye scans across the room. 
Continuing the scan to what turned out to be a most comfortable bed.
And on to the sitting area.
With a television and comfortable seating.
Thru the sitting room, you access the original, massive bathroom which retains the vintage beautiful green tile. The room is big enough to have not one, but two pieces of antique furniture.

A luxurious tub.
A large separate shower.
The walls are covered in canvas and the innkeepers had a local artist come in and recreate the original paintings in the bathroom. Absolutely gorgeous.
After check-in we rested for a bit, changed clothes and headed out to the restaurant for dinner. We opted to dine at Stella, based on a recommendation from our niece and an endorsement from Innkeeper Mark.

The staff was very nice and the food was very good. We started by sharing the lentil and goat cheese salad with roasted onions, organic greens and house vinaigrette. It was fantastic! I ordered the italian sausage, red onion, arugula and fresh mozzarella individual pizza. The Husband ordered the seasonal mushroom and fresh sausage pappardelle pasta with red wine. Both dishes were very, very good. To accompany dinner, we ordered a bottle of Orin Swift "Saldo" Zinfandel. DE-LI-CIOUS! 

We opted to have the remainder of the bottle of wine corked and our dessert boxed. We drove to our niece's house to share the goodies with her and her husband. We had a pleasant, short visit with them and then returned to the Red Stone Inn for a sound and comfortable night's sleep.

The next morning we strolled downstairs for Innkeeper Mark's breakfast, which began with fresh fruit and orange juice.
And continued with a puffy apple pancake and eggs benedict. Yummy!
I told Mark I loved the scale of the rooms at the Inn, because they are large, gracious spaces. We chatted about the lovely antiques they have collected to furnish the inn and enjoyed the photo albums of the house's 1930's early life and the renovation/restoration to become what it is today.

We had such a fun time chatting with Mark and he was so, so sweet to gift me with this vintage motion lamp, which has no motion unfortunately.
I now have a "mission" in my antiquing ventures to find the parts to make this lamp move! In the meantime, I have found the perfect place to display it our dining room. Unfortunately, my camera is not sophisticated enough to take a picture of it lit up at night. The daytime picture above will have to do.

We can absolutely recommend the Red Stone Inn in Oklahoma City. I can't promise that you'll get a lamp from Mark, but I can promise you will enjoy your stay. :-)

We can also recommend dining at Stella. The staff was lovely and food was great.

When you travel do you seek out B&B's and local restaurants? Do you have a favorite? Tell me about it in the comments and we'll plan to visit!

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  1. Thanks for the tip. My wife and I have been looking for some good OKC lodging!

    Our favorite spot to stay in Oklahoma so far has been way down South in Smithville, OK at a place called River Ranch Cabin. Not exactly a B&B, but a wonderful romantic getaway. You can check out our review here: http://kayak.oklahomaroadtrips.com/2009/06/our-upper-mountain-fork-river-trip.html

    Stella's sounds great, wood-fired makes all of the difference and more places need to make osso bucco...soon!