Friday, September 9, 2011

California Cousins & A Tablescape

I posted here about my August trip to BlogHer'11 in San Diego with niece Amy. Unless you follow me on Twitter, I'll bet you don't know that Amy and I stayed a couple of extra days in California to visit family.

Left to right: Amy, Cousin Cathy and Cousin Gary. Gary is The Husband's cousin and Cathy is his lovely wife.
I hate that I did not get a picture of their daughter, Sonia. She drove from LA to San Diego to see us for the afternoon/evening. A 2+ hour drive each way just to see us! How sweet is that? It was neat for Amy and Sonia to reconnect. The last time they saw each other they were teen-agers. Ah, youth...

The next day, Gary and Cathy took us on a tour of San Diego beginning in Old Town,
 Riding the trolley.
We had a great time at all the stops. My favorite place had to be the Hotel Coronado.
The Husband is so taking me there for a few days sometime in the future!

Amy left a day before me. The day Amy left, Gary and Cathy took me to a few local antique malls. I bought a couple of little things, but my greatest accomplishment was convincing Cathy to purchase a set of vintage china. If you know Cathy, you know that she likes all things new/modern and does not really care for old items. I was thrilled when we found this china and she loved it as much as I did. It has all the colors of her everyday dishes, which are Corelle Wildflower/Spring Bouquet.

These are her new (old) dishes:
Aren't they a wonderful, Art Deco pattern? Here is the maker mark on the back:
Cathy was able to purchase a service for 4 for a great price. We came home and she set the dinner table with her new dishes, using a bright tablecloth and bright napkins she already owned that coordinated with her existing dishes.
This pleased me to no end, since I love vintage dishes and love to tablescape. I was so happy to share this fun with Cousin Cathy!

What do you do for fun when you visit your relatives?

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