Friday, September 16, 2011

A Tablescape & Dancing in the Dining Room

Recently, I've accumulated a large collection of vintage dishes, California Provincial by Metlox/Poppytrail.

I was extremely tired of the every day Fiesta plates we had used for several years, so I put them in my cupboard and started using the Poppytrail dishes for every day.

We recently had The Sister's family over for dinner. What? An opportunity to use my new (old) dishes? Fan-tas-tic!

I started by setting the table using one of my favorite vintage tablecloths. Look at the farmer chasing those chickens.
The farmer's wife seems to be more successful than him, she caught one!
I opted to use Riedel wine glasses and vintage Forest Green depression glasses. I love Forest Green depression glasses! I've been collecting them for years.
The pair of pewter candlesticks were owned by The Husband pre-marriage. He's always had good taste. They are placed on two of my many hammered aluminum trays. The aluminum reflects candlelight and also keeps any stray candle drippings off the vintage table cloth.

Our place settings:
California Provincial dinner plate, soup bowl and saucer, Forest Green depression water glass, Riedel wine glass and Queen Bess silverplate utensils.

The menu was salad:
Lamb chops. Oh! And hot dogs!:
Asparagus and home grown cucumbers, plus farmer's market tomatoes:
As well as roasted potatoes and locally baked bread:
Did you notice the California Provincial serving platters and bowl?

Prior to sitting down for dinner, there was a little dancing to the music of the evening in the dining room.

Behold! The Husband and Big Sister A.
The Brother-in-Law and Sweet Baby L.
As usual, a good time was had by all! So much fun, in fact, that Sweet Baby L had to put herself to bed on the couch with Boppie (her blankie).
What are your dinner parties like?


  1. love that tablecloth! Pretty good you found a set of the dishes, I usually only see 1 piece at a time. Nothing like dinner with family.

  2. Food looks good and I love your green glassware!