Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day - 2010

We spent Memorial Day with family and friends at a cabin in the mountains of New Mexico. There were 13 adults and 8 children, plus 4 visitors over the course of the long weekend. 

The oldest child was just 2 months shy of his fifth birthday. The youngest child was a 7 week old girl. The remaining 6 children were all 3 years old!

There was lots of laughter, noise, food and fun every day. And, of course, some tears around nap times!

Here’s the best picture we could get of all the kids at the same time. It's not very good, but getting 7 little ones to sit still is virtually impossible!
Some of the kids decided attacking Dad was a fun activity:
There were water balloon fights:
There were smores:
Some smores didn’t even require cooking:
There was New Mexico food night, which was fabulous:
And nighttime conversation and fun by the fire:
All in all, it was a perfect holiday weekend. 

What did you do?


  1. Here in Sewickley, PA (aka Mayberry) we watched the Memorial Day parade, complete with marching bands, bagpipers, dogs, vintage automobiles and many, many veterans. A family with a beautiful wrap-around porch had a "porch party" for the parade. So cute, all those kids standing on the curb waving their little flags. A little slice of Americana.

  2. Tended my garden. Your holiday looks like fun.

  3. I rode my horse all three days, hubby and I went to a big cookout (pig pickin') on Saturday. On Monday afternoon we had some just for us time, and grilled ribs.