Tuesday, June 15, 2010

476 miles (plus or minus)

We drove from Wall, SD to Hays, KS today. Correction, The Husband drove all day.

We did stop for these photos:

We got started taking these silly pictures of of the "welcome to this state" signs and couldn't stop ourselves. We're dorks.

We have another long day of driving (360 miles) ahead of us tomorrow. The reward will be checking into HOME at the end of the drive!


  1. Oh wow, I live vacay's but not liking the drive time. I love the pic's though. Our daughter has done that before at various signs that have her name on them, Afton. Amazing how many there are, cities, streets, rivers...

  2. Wow, you look so fresh. I would be ready to kill someone after a drive like that.

  3. I'm getting ready to head out from Pittsburgh for my own road trip to Tulsa, although I don't plan to be as luxurious with my time as you have been. Pedal to the metal, or something like that. I think your approach sounds much more civilized.

  4. We've got a looooong road trip (1000 miles each way) ahead of us this summer. You look way better than I do after a day in the car!

  5. I have it really easy when we travel. I just sit, while The Husband drives. So, I don't get too frazzeled!