Monday, June 14, 2010

The Rock Head Presidents

The Husband and I finally went to Mount Rushmore on Monday. We got tired of waiting for the rain to stop and we were running out of  time as well.

We had a late breakfast in Rapid City, did a bit of shopping at an antique mall and then headed to Mount Rushmore National Park.
Can you see them? They are up there, above our heads in our fancy self-portrait.
Oh, you want to see a better picture? Okay, here you go...
When I told my sister we were coming here on this trip, she related the story of her oldest daughter (now 7) coming home from school last year talking about the "rock head presidents." It took my sister and her husband asking a few questions to understand she was talking about Mount Rushmore! Funny!

After leaving Rushmore, we drove through Custer State Park. Beautiful, beautiful country. We saw mule, pronghorn and white-tailed deer. Plus, wild burros and buffalo.

You are not supposed to feed the animals in the park, but of course some people do not believe those rules apply to them and do so anyway. We got stuck in a bit of a traffic jam, because the burros know cars = people = food. Here's a shot of one of them trying to get us to feed him:
On the scenic drive through Custer State Park the roads are narrow and extremely winding, with a few very narrow stone tunnels. Here's a shot of a commercial tour bus coming through one of the tunnels. It took him a while to get through and by the time he did, he had a large audience watching him.
Here's a shot of the tunnel as we drove into it:
After we left the park, we headed to Wall, South Dakota. Home of the famous Wall Drug Store.

It was overwhelming. Any type of junky souvenir you could possibly desire is available here. They also have places to order food and opportunites for weird pictures. To wit: 

Me and a large, white rabbit. Harvey, perhaps?
The Husband and the elusive Jackalope.
After walking through Wall Drug (and, I confess, purchasing a tee shirt) we checked into the local Best Western Hotel and got settled. We went out for a quick dinner and I was in my pj's and in bed by 8:30p.m.

I think this road trip is beginning to kick me in the butt!

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  1. Love the self-portait! It's priceless! I've always wanted to see the Rockin' Presidents...gotta make the trip someday. We'll probably wait until our kid(s) is old enough to torture with the trip!