Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My BFF From Elementary School

My BFF for several years in elementary school was named Sue. She lived across the street from me for 2 or 3 years, I am not sure how long.

We rode bikes, we played Barbies, we went to the library, we went to the community swimming pool, we played "War" with the boys in the neighborhood, we spent the night at each other's house. In other words, we did everything together!

We had not seen each other in approximately 20 years. Things happened and we lost contact with each other. Thanks to Facebook, she found me a couple of months ago.

She and her husband live in Missouri and own a dairy farm. They came through Tulsa today and stoppped to have lunch with my Mom and me.

Mom, Sue and me!
Sue and her husband, Clay. (A very nice guy!)
We went to White River Fish Market and they loved it!

I am so happy that Sue found us through Facebook! We have reminisced about Sue and her family for a number of years. So happy we have been reconnected!

Are you in close contact with your oldest, closest school friends?


  1. The joy of Facebook is finding old friends. And if you don't let it take over your life it is a great social tool. I have reconnected with several old friends this way. Glad you have a great time.

  2. well, my school days weren't really all that long ago... but I really enjoy staying in touch with all my friends through Facebook, since we are all so far from one another now.

  3. How fun! I'd love to see some of my old friends.

  4. That is wonderful. Sadly my old next door friend is long gone but still making contact with other classmates on FB is great.