Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Land of Enchantment

We've been in New Mexico for a while, without consistent internet access.

Last Friday, we drove to Santa Fe and checked into a very nice B&B. We toured the Santa Fe Plaza immediately (not our first rodeo!)

I would rate the Bed & Breakfast as a 7 on a 10 point scale. The reason being they are undergoing a major remodel and things happen during remodels. Make no mistake, the breakfast was outstanding. Freshly brewed coffee, orange and cranberry juice, hot tea, fresh fruit, plus outstanding breakfast quesadillias (with salsa and sour cream). The downside was the Comcast connection was not working, hence no cable TV or internet connection.

Trust me, after spending a week (or more) in a remote cabin without internet, when you pay for a B&B that advertises both internet access and cable tv access, you are more than a little bit disappointed when that does not occur.

After our B&B breakfast, we drove to the Santa Fe Flea Market. Oh my!  Many, many interesting and pretty things to be purchased. I must confess, I purchased a lovely bracelet. I so love jewelry!

We left the flea market and drove straight to our friends house in Albuquerque. We had an easy lunch and drinks at home, then went to Sam's Club to shop. Proving, once again, these friends are friends to have fun with no matter what we do!

Our friends cooked a fabulous salmon, asparagus and potato dinner.

Everyone went to bed and I stayed up to write this post, because I didn't want you to think I forgot to update you on my life.

What has been going on in your life?


  1. Oh, how I love Santa Fe almost as much as Oklahoma!

  2. I feel pretty honored that you're thinking of US while you're having a fan-tab-u-lous vacation! I'm actually in Alexandria Old Town today -- not for vacation, just a meeting -- but it still feels like a mini-vacation when I walk down the street and peer into the galleries and shops that are closed. I couldn't afford anything anyway so I'm just as glad they're not open. Love the art, the displays, the things I don't get to experience in my backyard.

  3. Oh, I would have loved to shop that flea market. I covet an overnight bag I saw years ago made out of leather and a wool tribal looking rug.