Saturday, June 26, 2010

Buford Has Been Injured!

I found out today that Buford, the mascot for Harvard Meats, has been injured.
Children decided to hang off his horns. You can guess what happened. Both horns broke off his head. The account we heard was that the parents were right there when their children injured Buford. I will say no more on this part of the story.

Horn reconstruction was being attempted on poor Buford when we were at the shop Saturday. Fingers crossed the surgery is successful.

Next time you see Buford, give him a pat or a hug. He needs one.


  1. I thought you were talking about a Harvard Mass mascot at first. A live one.

  2. Thank goodness my report was only on Buford, a "non-live" mascot!

  3. OMG, the shock and horror!

    And where is the picture of Buford de-horned?

  4. Federal HIPAA privacy laws prevented me from photographing Buford in his de-horned state. I've probably already violated the laws by sharing this much information! I'll try to get an update later this week. Since I'm not a relative, it could be tough.

  5. Do you suppose the little ^@#*& miscreants were trying to reenact a cow-tipping scenario?

    Nancy in Iowa

  6. Poor guy. You are too funny. You know HIPAA like I do.