Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Donate A Garden Gnome

Readers of my blog who live in Oklahoma likely know of the humor blog, Irritated Tulsan. As the disclaimer on Irritated Tulsan's home page states, he uses humor, satire and parody to provide comic relief for his readers. Topics range from the ridiculous to the very serious.

The recent post, Why North Tulsans Won't Speak, got my attention. I was born in Tulsa and raised out north. I attended Alcott Elementary, Gilcrease Middle School and McLain High School. My parents lived in north Tulsa until nine years ago. 

The "no snitch" mentality of some people in the area is very disturbing. Also disturbing is the reality that there are people who would talk to the police but don't, because they are afraid of being "punished" later. 

We know many very fine people who live there because it has always been their home, and I wish their neighborhood was safer.

If it were as simple as providing garden gnomes for every home in North Tulsa, I'd purchase 100 and personally deliver them. How about you?

If not garden gnomes, what else might work? We're smart people, we ought to be able to figure this out.

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  1. I read that article earlier today. I was great satire.