Sunday, June 13, 2010

130 Miles (plus or minus)

So, we took it easy Saturday in Deadwood, SD.
We didn't get up and around until 9:00 am or so. We then took our time getting ready for the day. We had a lovely breakfast at the hotel.

We took a scenic drive, beginning in Deadwood and winding through Spearfish Canyon on highway 14A. At the end of the scenic drive, we headed to Sturgis, SD.
We did not get out of the car in Sturgis. I think it was because:

1) We didn't bring our Harleys
2) We didn't wear our leathers
3) We didn't have any tattoos

Nah, those weren't the reasons! It's just that the town was really, really slow. Not many tourists in evidence.

We returned to the hotel in Deadwood and I took a nap while The Husband explored the town. Unfortunately, his report upon his return was not good.

Deadwood makes it's money on gambling. There you have it. Gambling.

Gambling is not so bad, but you would think they would mix it with high end shopping (art galleries, jewelry, etc.), like Las Vegas. That is not, however, the case in Deadwood. Tee shirt shops, TV show memorabilia and a few Indian pottery pieces are the extent of the shopping. I'm sure, however, they know their core audience better then we do.

From all appearances, the primary gambling crowd is "blue haired." Which sounds bad, but how else do you describe it? This primary crowd are at a point in their lives when they don't want or need to purchase many things. So, it makes sense there is no really high end shopping in town.

The Husband and I are not big gamblers. We are, however, people who are looking for a really nice dining experience. That's not so much what we found in Deadwood. However, I will say that we ate at Bully's in The Bullock Hotel on Saturday night and the meal was quite good. My filet was "melt in your mouth" good, which says a lot!

We walked to The Franklin Hotel after dinner to have a drink. We met a group of mid-20's kids out celebrating the birthday of one of their friends. Everyone in the group was very funny, nice & polite. The birthday boy was celebrating his 25th birthday (what a baby!) and was quite the talker. He was from Montana and had been raised on a 10,000 acre ranch that his great-grandfather homesteaded. He sells insurance during the day and works on the ranch the rest of the time. He said he's on "weed duty" at the ranch.

We had a good time in Deadwood. Yes, we did. And we only lost $21 on the slots!

Have you ever been there? If yes, what did you think? If no, do you have any desire to visit?

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