Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Spiffing Up Our Kitchen - Final

As promised, here are photos of our kitchen project.

The old sink and counter.
We very much disliked the sink.
The new sink, faucet and counter.
We are both in love with the new sink and faucet.

Old tile backsplash. 
Note the brown color in the trim, which does not go with the blue accent in the Corian.
The new tile backsplash.

Random shot of the Corian.

Same random shot with the new granite.
I really love the coloration of the granite. 
The Husband said he could have lived the rest of his life with the Corian. 
I said "Yeah, right!"
We are very happy with the kitchen. It was another great project by Dean West Construction. Dean and his employees "spiffed up" our bathroom last year, so we didn't hesitate to contact him for the kitchen. We both heartily recommend his firm for any remodeling project.

Now, we'll start saving our pennies for the next house project. What will it be? Only The Husband knows, because it's his turn to pick from our wish list!

What's on your house wish list?


  1. Remodel looks great! And, my list would not fit on a page.

  2. Our house wish list:

    Outdoor Paint
    new kitchen appliances
    new carpet or wood floors throughout!!

  3. It looks great!!! I just painted my kids' room. This summer I will paint the rest of the house, then the fence, then the columns on the house, maybe not in that order. Oh, and a couple of gates, I got a paint sprayer for Mother's Day.

  4. Looks awesome. Hey Dean...we know Dean. The Hubby knows him quite well and we do a lot of work with him. In fact I think...think he worked on our cabin. Great job. Carla... Our company is Alrac Electric.

  5. Nice finish! You're gonna have so much fun cooking this summer. I think you need to treat yourself to a new apron!