Monday, May 10, 2010

"Ahoy Matey" & Yard Art on Steroids

One last story from our recent Indiana trip...

We split the drive from Indiana to Oklahoma into two days. 

We checked in Sunday night at the Carlinville, IL Best Western. The entire theme of the hotel - lobby, lounge, restaurant, rooms - is nautical. Extremely nautical in the middle of nowhere in the Illinois corn fields! It has a river boat, in a pond, with fish. You can feed the fish from a dock or you can fish for the fish from the dock.

A nice place to be sure, but the decor was surreal, especially after a couple of cocktails in their "Yacht Club." The Husband and I agreed that the owner (a former Navy man) ran a "tight ship" because everything was very "ship shape" at the hotel. (Har dee har har. Aren't we original?)

As we drove down the road the next morning, congratulating ourselves for being so witty, we thought we were seeing things.

A spaceship?
An elephant sticking out of a building? 

Another elephant. Pink this time. 
Isn't he cute? 
My Husband, not the elephant! 
Well, okay, the elephant is cute also.

An oversized ice cream cone? 
And, look, The Three Stooges! 
They were nice enough to agree to a photo with The Husband.

Yet another elephant? 
Smaller than the pink one, but larger than us.
But not larger than my new friend!

Where, you ask, did we see this yard art? Just off I-55, Exit 37, Livingston, IL at The Pink Elephant Antique Mall.

Most people may not agree that this is yard art, in the traditional sense of the term, since it is not located at a private residence. I believe it is yard art because the owner of the antique mall has personally amassed this collection. The ladies who work there tell me many people try to purchase the pieces (especially the space ship, which is what I wanted!) but they are not for sale.

I'm hoping that the Mistress of the Yard Art Game will spend a moment or two pondering whether or not these items qualify for points. If they do not, I will understand.

And, by the way, the antique mall was excellent! The building is the old gymnasium for the town's school and is very cool. The booths were filled with excellent items. And, yes, of course I purchased a few. Vintage linens again. Peacocks for our guest room!

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  1. Cindy, while not point worthy if they are part of the local scene and businesses, it is defiantly report worthy. I'll put a post up on the fan page of an upcoming entry devoted to this wonderland. Stay tuned.