Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A Case of Mistaken Identity

The Husband and I left Tulsa last Thursday afternoon to drive to Indiana. Our plan was to drive a few hours and stop for the night. We pulled into a small Missouri town, which shall remain nameless, and checked into a hotel. As is our habit, we asked for a recommendation for a locally owned restaurant for dinner.

The restaurant was a nice steakhouse, which was not busy when we arrived. We had our choice of seats and settled on a spot across the room from a party of 3 couples. We chatted with the waitress, ordered cocktails, reviewed the menu and placed our food order.

We never paid any attention to the party of 6 just a few feet away. They paid their bill and started making their way past our table to the door. I had my back to the group. The Husband looked up and, being the polite guy that he is, smiled as they passed.

One of the men paused at our table and said to The Husband, "Nice to see you again." The Husband said in response "Nice to see you also."

At the same time, one of the women had turned back and was directing a very disgusted look at me.

As the group walked out the door, The Husband and I looked at each other and I said, "That man must have thought he knew you."

He said, "I know and that woman was giving you a really dirty look as she walked to the table."

We began laughing, speculating that those folks thought someone they knew was stepping out with a strange woman.

We later told the waitress the story and asked if she knew the people because we wanted her to tell them we were strangers in town and my husband is not who they thought. She knew one couple by sight, but not the others.

She went back to the kitchen and told the story. The staff agreed my husband looks like the former editor of newspaper, who has lived there years and years. Plus, his first name and my husband's first name are the same, so the group could have also heard me calling him by name.

And, to top it all off, as the waitress said "And you look NOTHING like his wife."

So there you have it. We may have unintentionally besmirched one poor guy's good reputation with a few folks in a small Missouri town.

We told the waitress we were depending on her to straighten it out, next time she sees those folks!


  1. Oh no -I do hope that waitress can straighten that out!

  2. You are such a trouble maker!