Sunday, May 23, 2010

Happy Birthday, Tim!

We attended our nephew-in-law's birthday party Saturday in Oklahoma City. 

Sixty pounds of crawfish were boiled, along with potatoes and corn. A brisket was also served with a cheesy potato casserole and macaroni salad. Mmmm good!

Here's Tim opening his present.
He's excited, because he has figured out what it is!

His very own vintage travel bar. 

Long story short, we have a vintage travel bar that belonged to The Husband's father and we use it all the time. All four nephews-in-law have, at one point or another, expressed admiration for The Husband's bar. When I found this one at a recent estate sale, I snagged it because I knew it would be a perfect gift for one of the NiL's.

Tim and our niece Tracy.

The Husband and our niece Amy.

Our niece Mary.

We stayed with Mary and Joel at their new home, which is lovely. And, BONUS, look who greets you at the front door!

All in all, a very fun weekend.

And now we are on the hunt for more vintage travel bars. After all, we have to treat all the nephews-in-law the same. :-)


  1. That's the best kind of gift -- something you know they want, something you happen on to. Love the search!

  2. I love that vintage travel husband would love a gift like that!