Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Shawnee Corn King Dishes

From the time I was a young girl, I loved Shawnee Corn King dishes. I grew up knowing I would receive these dishes when I was an adult. They were mine at age eighteen.
The dishes originally belonged to my mother's older sister, Beulah. She was born on September 3, 1917 and died, at age 43, on February 5, 1960. I was 5 months old when Aunt Beulah passed.
I couldn't afford to add to the collection in my 20's. I was like many 20 year olds, struggling to pay bills and I didn't have extra money. In my 30's, I could afford to add a few pieces here and there. In my 40's, I had the means to buy any or all the pieces I wanted, but I refrained because I enjoyed the hunt and acquisition of inexpensive pieces too much.

In addition to the Shawnee Corn King dishes, Standford Pottery Corn is part of my collection. My first Standford pieces were a gift to me from a work colleague who knew I was a collector of Shawnee. She and I led a successful project together and the pieces were her "thank you" gift to me. In all the years of my corporate career, this was the most personal recognition gift I ever received for a "job well done."

Without further ado, behold my collection:
The top shelf is Standford Corn.
The remaining shelves hold Shawnee Corn King. I even have a sugar bowl and salt & pepper with gold trim, which is not very common in my area.
I have one of the sweet little teapots with no lid. You wouldn't happen to have a lid to fit it stashed away somewhere, would you? I'd be happy to buy it if you do!
And here is the cabinet with the doors closed. It sits behind our chairs in the living room. I'm sure you noticed the lights strung inside. I have them on a timer and they light the cabinet every evening. It brings a lot of warmth and coziness to the room.
One more thing...I do use these dishes. They aren't just put away in the cabinet and gazed upon. They make appearances on our table ever so often. Look for them in an upcoming tablescape!

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  1. What an amazing collection! And it's fun to collect something that has meaning and memories for us! Very lovely indeed! ♥

  2. Very nice. Although I don't have any, I have long admired it. If I find a lid, I'll let you know. =)

  3. Someone over the years in my family had some of the corn dishes. I have not seen that many pieces in a while. You have done well in finding them.

  4. These dishes take my breath away! What a gorgeous collection!

  5. Oh, I have never seen so many of these in one place. I think I might have one piece and it belonged to my husband's step dad. This is an amazing collection with so many neat pieces. Happy VTT!

  6. Wow, that is an amazing collection. I had never seen these before, what an interesting post. I know what you mean about the hunt, it's so much more fun that way.

  7. What a fun collection. Really nice.

  8. Hello! I have a set that just may match yours!!
    Amazing I know and I LOVE them too!
    I just recieved my grandmothers set this last year! They were her favorite and she was a HUGE Collector of all depression glass. Her Corn set was hers to love however. I have every peice I see in your pictures and it makes my heart HAPPY to know someone else loves them as much as me!
    My grandmother told me stories as how she recieved them from my grandfather and how she loved them. When she was getting older she came to my house and game me my first dish on my 27th birthday. I thought it was an extra she had, but when they became mine I realized it was the middle size serving bowl in her actual set! I love her for gifting me that dish! I miss her but like to look at them and think of her often!
    Thanks so much for sharing your collection!
    Another CORN lover named HEATHER

  9. I have a large set I would love to sell. Have no Idea how to price them though. any help would be appreciated.

  10. Anonymous: I suggest you check eBay's completed listings to get an idea of what Shawnee Corn is selling for currently.