Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Embroidery Floss

I've just now sorted, by color family, the embroidery floss I've recently purchased at local estate sales.
I spent a grand total of $5. This is why I love estate sales.

Now, what should I embroider?


  1. Oh I love embroidery floss. Makes me want to get my counted cross stitch stuff out. Good find for sure.

  2. Here's a random estate sale question for you: Do you like to go alone when you hit the sales, or are you open to the idea of having company?

  3. Holly, I usually go to sales by myself. I enjoy going through the house at my own pace and not having to worry if I'm too fast or too slow for my partner. Now that doesn't mean I never go to sales with people because I do. Sometimes I talk my husband or my sister into going with me! How about you? Do you shop with someone or by yourself?