Friday, April 8, 2011

Things That Should Not Be Donated or Sold

I'm within a hairsbreadth of creating a new collectible category.

I already have "Dead Lady Art" and now I might have to add "Things That Should Not Be Donated or Sold."

I've been working on my new business and while searching for inventory, have seen some items that made me say "Why? Why? Oh, why?"

Item #1
Ceramic painted Bride & Groom, priced $6.50. Inscribed on bottom of bride's dress:
"Painted with love for Ken* & Barbie* on their wedding day. December 28, 1991. Aunt Polly*"
* Names changed to protect the innocent. Or guilty, however you want to look at it.

Item #2
Donated vase, priced $2. Signed KK, with a 2. I assume that means 2nd grade?
Item #3
Five hand painted ceramic Easter eggs, priced $1.99 each. Two with a girl's name and three with a boy's name. Each was signed on the bottom, "With love from Grandma." Unfortunately, I do not have a picture. 

Item #4
A 5x7 framed cross stitch piece of Precious Moments characters commemorating someone's baptism; with the baptism date. Priced $1. Again, no picture.

When our family visited last weekend, my story about these items sparked a conversation about why anyone would donate them.
  • We all agree that the Bride & Groom donation could be due to divorce. That would be understandable. 
  • But why would you donate your child's art project? For goodness sake, I have my elementary school ceramic pieces. My mom kept them for years and then gave them to me. As an adult, I've enjoyed having them in my collection. 
  • Also, why would someone donate hand painted eggs by Grandma? If you don't want to display them (Easter, anyone?), put them away for the day when you may have children. These eggs would give your children a connection to their Great Grandma. 
  • And last, but not least, selling a cross stitched piece that commemorates your baptism? Really?
As regular readers of this blog know, I have written on this topic before and I still have no good (in my opinion) answers as to why people don't keep their family treasures.
  • Do you keep your family treasures?
  • If you choose not to keep family treasures, do you donate them?
  • Do you think donation is appropriate?
  • Would it be better to destroy the item, if no family member wants to keep it?
What do you think?

Updated 04/08/11:
I returned to the thrift store where I found Item #3 listed above. The eggs were still available for purchase. Here are the photos:


  1. I go on this rant all the time at work. Setting up estate sales, I often come across things that I could SWEAR must have been left by mistake. So I'll ask my boss, and I'm usually informed that no, the family has taken everything they want and the rest is meant to be sold. I guess not everyone is as sentimental as you and I, girlfriend. We'll just have to make a special place in our own hearts for all these things!

  2. Oh gosh, I'm the keeper of everything in my family and I mean EVERYTHING! I have a problem with parting with those family things but going through my Daddy's house kind of made me think very hard on some of it.