Thursday, April 28, 2011

Treasures From Great Grandparents

This photo is of my paternal Great Grandmother and Great Grandfather. Everyone called him Dad. We called her Great Granny.
Donna Templeton
born August 31, 1888; died August 1, 1972
Lish Templeton
born June 3, 1884; died April 18, 1960

I was one month shy of my 13th birthday when Great Granny died, so I knew her well. She could always be counted on to give each of her great grandkids an entire pack of Juicy Fruit gum when we visited. I remember she dipped snuff and there was always an old vegetable can at her feet, tucked under the sofa, for her spit. My mom has entrusted me with the last two pieces of Great Granny's crochet work. They are in good shape, considering their age. My sister and I will be sure to tell her great, great grand daughters about the woman who made these lovely pieces.
I was 7 months old when Dad died, so I don't have any "real" memories of him. I only have the memories of everyone else telling stories about him. I do, however, have his oak rocking chair. This chair is not a big chair, but Dad was not a big man. My mom said Dad had this chair when she married into the family in 1953 and he had already owned it for several years. Sometime in the future, one of his great great grand daughters will have this chair in her living room.
What item do you have that once belonged to your great grandparents?

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  1. Such special treasures!! You are so lucky to have the rocking chair and crocheted doilies from your grandparents!! I have handmade quilts and a tiny little pitcher collection from my great grandmother. And some good stories. :-)

  2. Those are some of the most wonderful vintage treasures ever. I do hope this next generation appreciates them like you do. A very nice post for VTT.

  3. I have nothing from my great-grandparents, but I do have a cedar chest that once belonged to one grandmother. She died when I was 5 or 6, so I don't remember much about her.

  4. I am so fortunate enough to have a table and a dough box that my great grandmother brought to Kansas from Ohio in a covered wagon. Your treasures are beautiful, I'm sure you love them as much as I do mine.

  5. Isn't it telling that I am Donna and my firstborn daughter was born on Aug. 31st and I am writing to you. Must be a connection out there some where. We weren't close to any of our relatives so I long for a 'Walton's' like family.

  6. I love this. How wonderful that you have these items and treasure them. I do have photos and I have an old plastic pin from my great grandma that reads "Mother".

  7. Those are some very special treasures.

  8. Oh I had a Greatgranny too. I have lots of her stuff, but mostly tea cups and lots and lots of pictures. Oh I do have one of her blueing bottles that she used to use to keep her hair white and a literature textbook that she used to read stories and poetry from to me.