Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Snow and "Dead Lady Art"

Snow, snow, snow. I've had enough of the real stuff, thank you very much. It can go away now.

When I want to see a snowy landscape, I'll rely on my "dead lady art" snow paintings for the remainder of winter.

First snowy scene was painted in 1984 by the mother of a girl who went to high school with The Husband. When we cleaned out his mother's house, I took it.
Second winter scene was purchased for $10 at a local estate sale. It was painted by Martha and is not dated, unfortunately.
What, you ask is "dead lady art?" It's a collectible category I named a few years ago. As I haunted estate sales, antique malls and the like, I began to notice lots of paintings signed by women. It struck me as wrong, wrong, wrong, that these pieces were being sold to strangers. Why didn't their family members keep these works of art? Obviously the ladies worked very hard to create them. It's like not keeping other family treasures, which I wrote about here.

This was my first purchase and it inspired the "dead lady art" name. Essie Davis signed this painting, which is undated. It anchors my Christmas tableau in the fireplace every year.
As I see pretty paintings, I bring them home and they become part of my seasonal decorations. In the spring, this painting by Genie, dated 1977, will make its debut. I picked it up recently at an estate sale on 50% off day. It cost me $9! Isn't it pretty?
I also have a couple of fall paintings, but I was too lazy to unpack and photograph them today. I will show them to you next fall!

What do you think? Have you been collecting "dead lady art" and just didn't know it?


  1. Unfortunately, when the relatives no longer remember us, the stuff we so lovingly had to have, becomes, well, stuff. I am always surprised at all the photos and letters etc. that people toss out. And, I HATE snow!

  2. Oh my, that is kind of my fear with my paintings but I think inevitable. Hate snow too and am so ready for it to LEAVE!

  3. I bought a little unframed still life painting at a local estate sale recently for several reasons. First of all, it was cheerful and nicely rendered. It was a bargain at half price (I think I paid $3), and it had a personal letter from the artist to the recipient taped to the back of the canvas, thanking her for having encouraged him as an artist.

    It's wonderful that you're collecting these charming paintings and giving them a place in your heart and home.

  4. I'm pretty much ready for this snow to go away too. But as for your collection of "dead lady art", I love it!! I feel the same way about things that were handmade with lots of love, someone needs to cherish it. And I'm glad there are strangers like you and I who can appreciate that type of thing. :-)

  5. those are some really nice painting and great prices too! Have a great weekend, Nan

  6. I absolutely love your aptly named collectible category! And the seasonal use makes it do-able. As much as I love estate sales, sometimes they make me sad. All those "treasures" that no one wanted. And then YOU come along!