Saturday, April 30, 2011

An Okie Style Royal Wedding Tea Party

Yes, I watched the wedding of Prince William and Katherine. In fact, I recorded it and watched it again with my 8 and 5 year old nieces. We had a little tea party, Okie style.

We had flowers and jewels for our hair.
Everyone practiced the "royal wave" (except for Mom.)
We had tasty tidbits.
There was pretty dessert.
The girls had their own little table, which coordinated with the serving table.
There were many brides and grooms, like this pair, who joined our festivities.
We had a lovely time having a party to watch the royal wedding together.

I was happy to use my grandmother's glass snack sets and my large punch bowl. I can't remember the last time I've used either one.

Our Menu:
Veggie Crescent Snacks (I used diced red, yellow & orange peppers, radishes & carrots)
Deviled Eggs
Decorated Cookies from Merritt's Bakery

Did you watch the royal wedding? What was your favorite part? I loved their carriage ride from the church to the palace.

Edited to add:
The 5 year old niece loved Princess Beatrice's hat. She called it the "ribbon hat". Many of the other wild hats at the wedding caught her attention. Perhaps she will be a future world famous fashionista?

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  1. Loved the wedding party. Those cookies are soooo cute. Sweet family. Hugs, Ginger