Monday, September 27, 2010

You Had Me At Scalloped...

The Husband and I patronize local restaurants during the week, when we don't have to fight the crowds. As a result, we almost always eat at home on Friday and Saturday nights. If we entertain on those nights, we enjoy preparing very nice meals. Even when we don't have guests, we try to prepare something special for ourselves.

While discussing dinner on Saturday, we could not decide what to prepare. I suggested we stop in at the Stonehorse Market in Utica Square and see if something struck our fancy.

We selected the lamb shank for dinner. We've had it before and it is delish. As I walked past a counter, I saw trays loaded with individual scalloped potato dishes just out of the oven. The girl working the counter asked, "Would you like a scalloped potato?" I replied, "You had me at scalloped!" We also picked up a bit of salmon pate for an appetizer.

You might think this was a pricey dinner, but we only spent $23. $14 for the shank, $3 for the potatoes and $9 for the pate, plus tax. To be fair, we did purchase enough pate to have it at least once more, maybe twice.

With the addition of a salad prepared at home, dinner was heavenly. And easy. And much less expensive than a restaurant.

If you haven't explored the Stonehorse Market, I encourage you to do so.

Note to Self: Don't bother to make scalloped potatoes at home. Spend $3 at the market for a perfect portion for yourself and The Husband. No tempting leftovers the next day. :-)

NOTE: The owner of Stonehorse Market has no idea who I am. I wrote this post because his staff prepared delicious take out items for us and I barely had to do a thing at home!

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