Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Versatile Blogger Award

The mistress of The Yard Art Game awarded me an award!
To accept this award I have to: 
  • reveal 7 truths about myself (what?)
  • select 7 blogs that I would like to share the award with
Here it goes. Seven truths about me. Don't judge too harshly:

1) I read my local newspaper from front to back (section A, page 1 to section X, page ?) every day. I love the routine of reading the paper. Reading it on-line is just not the same.

2) For approximately 13 years, I worked one week out of the year at the NFL's National Invitational Camp in Indianapolis, IN. I always volunteered to be on the "weighing and measuring" team, but they would never let me. I was constantly relegated to data entry, dang it. Even so, oh the stories I could tell...

3) I've always wanted to design fabulous tablecloths and napkins. I love to set a pretty table, you see.

4) I'm stubborn. Really stubborn. Really, really stubborn.

5) When I was probably 9 or 10, my brother and I put our little sister in a trash can and carried it to the curb just as the trash truck was turning onto our street. She screamed. Mom heard. You can pretty much figure out the rest of the story.

6) I'm perfectly happy to never leave my house for days at a time. Days, I say.

7) I'm obsessed with ensuring the doors to the house are locked. At all times. The Husband does NOT appreciate it when I accidently lock him out.

The 7 blogs I would like to see play along for this award are:

This is a self perpetuating award. Don't feel obligated to play along, but I sure would like to get to know you better!


  1. Thank you very much. I read the paper front to back myself. Love to do the crossword too and it's just not the same online.

    Go for it on the tablecloths and napkins I say!

    Oh my #5...I'm afraid I might have to dig up a story like that. Oh my!!!

    I will try to do this. Thank you.

  2. Thanks, I'm honored! I'm a house hermit, too. Especially during the winter, I'm happy to go for days without venturing out.

    You must post pictures of your pretty tables! I need ideas in that department.

  3. Very interesting (I'm rubby my chin) I say go for the napkin and tablecloth designs too!!!

  4. Some interesting stories indeed! I'm pretty dang stubborn too -I've also tortured my little sis, and I like to lock all my doors and stay my house too :)
    Thanks for the award -I will work on the post here soon!

  5. Awesome ! Now I don't have to think of anything to post about tomorrow because my fellow blog friend has bestowed upon me an award and an obligation.


  6. I would never have guessed that you den in your house as much as you go. Now I must see all about the new blogs.

  7. Thanks for dropping by my post and leaving your kind comments. We are neighbors...I'm at the other end of the T. Turnpike. It's funny how many stories most of us share. Thanks for sharing your seven truths. Cherry Kay

  8. You are a sweetheart Cindy. You know, I check and recheck the locks - but only in my dreams. In reality, I never lock my doors, even when I go to town. Guess that is the beauty of living in the country. When I go to Tulsa, the girls tell me to lock my car doors too.

  9. Thank you, dear Cindy. I'm honored that you thought to award this to me, as well as honored that you visit on a regular basis. I'll give this some thought and post away!