Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Vivid Dreams # 2

The Husband and I have been working to check off a few chores around the house.

A major chore is cleaning up our basement, which means reorganizing some items and determining what to trash, donate or put on Craig's List. Our basement isn't really in bad shape, but when you have an area like that you tend to put things down there a bit haphazardly and say to yourself, "I'll tidy that up later." Later has finally arrived!

While running up and down the stairs recently, my nieces were trailing my every move. The 7 year old noticed a spider web with 3 egg sacs attached. I told her not to touch them, just as her little index finger was going in to poke one of the sacs.

I asked the husband to help me get rid of the web. The last thing we need is a bunch of baby spiders hatching in the basement! We did the deed and threw out the trash sack. No big deal.

Of course, that night I go to bed and dream of a web, a mother spider and egg sacs!

The setting is the living room of the house in which I grew up. I walk in the front door and my mother is sitting in a chair by the window. I start to sit in a chair by the tv and see a big web between the two pieces of furniture. I say, "Mom, I'll get rid of that web for you." She replies, "Thanks, Cindy."

I retrieve the vacuum from the closet, plug it in and turn it on. The mother spider immediately flies (yes, flies) through the air and lands on the ceiling fan. (Note: There was never a ceiling fan in the living room of my family home.)

Mom says, "Go to the kitchen and get the broom and knock that spider down." Being the good daughter, I retrieve the broom and step into the living room. The spider sees me with the broom and flies straight at my face. The spider, by this time, is flying just like a hummingbird.

I'm waving the broom around, trying to knock the flying spider to the floor and my Mom just sits there watching me. Thanks, Mom.

Finally, I hit the spider with the broom and it falls to the floor. I think I step on it, but I don't really remember. I do remember using the vacuum to sweep up the remains of the spider, the web and the egg sacs. I remove the bag from the vacuum and double bag it in plastic and take it outside to the trash can.

The End.

I did not watch any spider tv shows or movies that night. I have not read any spider books. I have, however, recently read Donna's two posts here and here about her spider.

Hey, the spider in my dream looks a lot like Donna's spider!

I think she is making me feel guilty about getting rid of her very small sister in my basement!

Should I document all my vivid dreams here on the blog? You, my dear readers, could psychoanalyze me. Comments welcomed. Or, Connie could tell me which dream interpretation books to purchase.


  1. Hysterical! I am NOT a fan of spiders..but today...I was in cleaning my bathroom..picked up the rugs to shake them onto the carpet...and two teensy black spiders zoomed...yes..ZOOMED out and ran like..like crazy spiders! I killed both of them..and immediately thought I should have gotten a glass and taken them outside. I think that is the part of me that is Buddist. Isn't it Buddists that don't believe in killing anything? Anyway..I did..I killed them.
    I have noticed them in my bathroom before...and they are no larger than the the head of a straight pin. Later..I was putting shoes in my closet and one of them, again, ZOOMED out and onto the carpet and I got him.
    Sort of wondering if I am going to have spider dreams tonight. *smile*
    I would visit your friends blog..but now I am a bit afraid to do so.

  2. Cindy: interesting that your mother is in the dream because in Tony Crisp's book Dream Dictionary, here's what he says about spiders: Often the dependent emotions and conflicts one feels "caught," connected with mother or family. Tons more I won't quote, but just wanted to give you a hint.

    This book is one I picked up at a library sale and it's a 2002 book. I'm sure there are tons at your local book store. What fascinates me is we have a tendency to try to make dreams literal and they are so symbolic.