Saturday, June 13, 2009

"Who Is That Person In The Mirror?"

I promised you a baby shower story sharing a profound statement from one of the ladies I met.

To set the stage: I was at a table with four delightful, attractive women who are in their late 70's at the very least, and early 80's certainly, for one or two. These women are long time friends of the grandmother-in-law of Callie, the shower recipient. They were quite witty during the obligatory shower games, and sneakily competitive!

The ladies shared stories about their children, grand children and great-grand children. When you have five or eight children, it shouldn't surprise anyone (me) that you would have 15 or more grandchildren and given their ages, that you have 17 or 18 great-grandchildren with MORE ON THE WAY!

Obviously, they love their families, but as one of the women said, "I get up every morning and look in the mirror and don't know who that person is. I still think of myself as 25."

Similarly, during my husband's recent high school reunion, one of his classmates was repeating a conversation she had with her mother in which her Mom (paraphrasing) said she thought to herself during her children's visit at Easter this year, "Who ARE all these OLD people in my house?"

My takeaway from these conversations, and my own thoughts about my 50th birthday rapidly approaching, is I need to be EVEN MORE courteous to the elders I meet and take EVEN MORE time to speak to them and draw out their stories. Because, I have something in common with them...

I'm still 25 also!

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  1. Once while looking at new cars in a lot, I saw an old woman staring towards me in the windows of the dealership. I though, who is that old woman looking at me. You know the rest.