Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Old School Bagel Cafe

The Husband and I went to the new Old School Bagel Cafe Sunday morning. They are located in Brookside, next to KJRH. They have not had their "grand" opening yet, but are having a "soft" opening for a few days.

They were busy. Lots of customers and staff. The staff was obviously in training mode, but it appeared as if one of the owners (or managers) was there and was overseeing all the activity.

The Husband and I were huge fans of the old New York Bagel Cafes (and added a few pounds as a result) and have heard that the owners of Old School were involved in the old New York Bagel stores. If that is true and they recreate that consistency in quality of food, we will be happy.

I always get a plain bagel with flavored cream cheese and The Husband always gets a flavored bagel with plain cream cheese (go figure!) We were both happy with our bagels that day.

The atmosphere was good. Comfortable chairs, tables and booth area; wide screen TV over a gas log fireplace and outdoor seating. We will most certainly go back.

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  1. The old NY bagel shop had the best I've ever had. They had the teeny snap to the outside and the inside was dense and chewy. Just the best. I heard they were boiled first then baked. I'm thrilled the new shop is opening.